Together We Can Fill A Child With HOPE.
At Fostering Hope, our heartbeat is children in foster care. There are many ways that you can help.

Along with sponsorship opportunities, we have a store where the children can come in and shop for clothing, shoes, toys, and school supplies. All items are provided to the children at no charge to the foster families or the Department of Social Services.

Fostering Hope Inc. is a nonprofit
organization that provides goods
and services to children residing
in the foster care system in Horry,
Georgetown, Marion, and Dillon
counties in north eastern South
Carolina. There are on average
over 500 children within these
counties that are in foster care
due to abuse and or neglect.

Fostering Hope
909 4th Avenue
Conway SC 29526

Phone 1(843) 254-8168

1) To bring up; nurture
2) To promote the growth and development of; cultivate: detect and foster artistic talent.
3) To nurse; cherish.
4) Providing parental care and nurture to children not related through legal or blood ties.

Our goal at Fostering Hope is to ensure that each of these children is given new or nearly clothes, shoes, toys, hygiene items, and a duffle bag upon entering care. The children are permitted to come back quarterly to receive additional items at no cost to the foster families. We also provide funding for extracurricular activities, camps, and special events. Foster families can also receive bunk beds, dressers, baby items, and much more at our 3000 square foot facility located in downtown Conway.

All items are provided to the foster families at no cost. We believe that by helping to support the foster families we can relieve some of the burden they assume when they welcome a child into their home and hearts. Fostering Hope relies solely on local contributions, both financial and in kind, to keep our facility open and operating. If you wish to visit Fostering Hope, we would love to have you take a tour. We are very proud of “the closet."